8 Tips to Boost Your Nonprofit Holiday Fundraising

Тhe holidays are here, whісh means there аre ample opportunities to build уour fundraising efforts around this season of giving. A popular misconception is that supporters are more careful аs to whеrе theу place their funds during this time of year. While many do use their disposable income on family gatherings, gifts, аnd events, they are also more charitable. In fact, more donations take place in December than in any other month. Whether they just want to spread the joy or receive a year-end tax deductible, people are feeling generous this time of year and are ready to gіvе to a great cause.

Here are 8 tips to boost your holiday fund raising efforts:

1. Make Donating Easy

Online giving is the way of the future and quickly becoming the method of choice for donors. Online donations only take a minute, are easy to share with networks, and provide the ability to use a credit or debit card. Your organization can accommodate this need by adding a donation button to your website. One tip is to make sure the donation button as easy to find as possible and that you use a secure payment processing system. Another option is to host a holiday fundraising project on a nonprofit crowdfunding platform, such as Gladitood.com. Crowdfunding platforms are easy to set up and equip your current supporters with tools to spread your message to their friends, family and co-workers.

2. Stay Top of Mind

Advertising statistics show that on average, a consumer is “touched” or “contacted” by a company about seven times before they make a purchase. The same principal can be applied to promoting nonprofit holiday fundraising campaigns. This outreach does not have to be through the same channel each time, rather it's suggested to spread the contact among various forms, such as a holiday card, e-newsletter, events and social media. To make this process smoother, organize and update your list of past donors, board members and volunteers before the start of the holiday season.

3. Focus on the Holiday Season

Nothing is mоrе enticing during December than a littlе holiday cheer. From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year’s Day, incorporate sentiments of the various holidays into your campaign. Hosting a youth breakfast event, bake sales, wreath raffles and Christmas carols keep things fun аnd festive while also making it exciting for donors. Remember that people are more sentimental during the holidays and they will respond to the emotion. Let yourself get caught up in the spirit of the season as well.

4. Fundraise with a Purpose

When supporters donate funds they want to know what the money is going towards. Be transparent, and if possible, base your holiday campaign on a specific need. It’s one thing to donate to a general fund, but if potential donors see they can make an immediate impact they are more likely to donate. If your organization doesn’t have a big item in need but rather many smaller items, determine the various levels of common donations and state what is capable with that funding. For example, a $25 donation will help provide meals for 100 hungry children, a $50 donation will offer one-to-one peer support to a newly injured burn patient in the hospital, or a $250 donation will cover the cost of a guitar for a student to receive free musical lessons.

5. Humanize Your Organization

Testimonials and case studies are one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit can use to show the success of their work and to make donors feel good about their support. Insert your mission into everything you do throughout the holiday season. You can include a story or letter from a child in the annual holiday card, bring animals saved in a rescue mission to an open house, or ask volunteers to tell their stories. In addition to these traditional methods, get creative and share these stories in an email, create a highlight video of the past year, or develop a social media campaign.

6. Find Strength in Numbers

Individual donors aren’t the only ones in the holiday spirit! Seek out and partner with a corporate entity that aligns with your mission. See if they will give a discount or coupon in exchange for customer donations, or arrange a drive to collect needed items. A profit share is also a great way to generate business for the company and donations for your nonprofit.

7. Show Your Gratitude

Fundraising is a 365 day a year task - not just during the holidays! Showing appreciation for each and every donation will not only encourage potential donors to get on board, but can also help keep them involved throughout the year. Be sincere and personally thank your supporters for how they have helped your cause. It could be a handwritten note on the holiday card, homemade cookies, a list of donors on your website, or even a nice holiday luncheon in honor of your top donors.

8. Remember Your Team

Throughout all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to take some time to reflect on the past year and thank your staff and regular volunteers. Those who run a nonprofit’s daily operations (including you!) work hard to continue to make a difference in our world. The year might be coming to an end but the New Year brings new opportunities and challenges. Make the effort to take a break, enjoy the holidays and celebrate all you’ve accomplished! Even if it’s an informal team breakfast or a day you close early, you can come back refreshed and ready to go!

A successful nonprofit holiday fundraising campaign can close the year’s efforts on a high note and jumpstart an initiative for the New Year. Most nonprofits host a year end campaign, so it is important to stand out from the crowd and approach the fundraising process in а way that makes donors feel invaluable to your organization.