Gladitood Closes Seed Funding Round

(ST. LOUIS / Aug. 19, 2014) Gladitood, a crowdfunding platform that matches goodwill projects with volunteers and funding, closes a $350,000 seed funding round. Andrew S. Baur, formerly of Southwest Bank, leads the investment round and is named an equity partner and CFO of the St. Louis-based tech startup. The successful raise drives Gladitood to launch this fall with an impressive list of soon-to-be-announced projects.

Gladitood is working to solve the problems that face the voluntourism industry. More specifically, the increased desire of people from Western nations to give back and volunteer has created a market opportunity to monetize the process, placing the focus on the volunteer experience instead of the communities in need.

We offer organizations a platform that focuses on helping humanitarian and conservation projects reach their goals,” explains Ryan Brennell, CEO and Co-founder of Gladitood. “Volunteers and backers will be able to search for causes they are passionate about and make a significant impact on projects centered around a community's needs.”

Organizations working to better a community or the environment can submit their projects to Gladitood, where each project is vetted for authenticity. The organization designates the terms of the project and deadline as well as the number of volunteers and funding needed to make it happen. Similar to traditional crowdfunding platforms, when the funding and volunteer goals are met, the real world project begins.

Brennell co-founded Gladitood with CTO Geoffrey Raymond after reviewing the business idea with non-profit organizations, family, friends and a few investors. For more information about Gladitood, please visit or on Facebook at and on Twitter @Gladitood.