How To Use Technology To Increase Fundraising Efficiency in the New Year

A New Year is upon us. Individuals often use this time as an opportunity to reflect on the past year and plan for a new beginning. Similarly, your nonprofit can also benefit from taking a moment to evaluate the organization’s strategies and set goals. It’s easy to get in a routine of processes, events and communication. But sometimes, just because you have always done something one way does not mean it is the most effective way of doing it!

As times change, so do the technologies that become available to nonprofits. There are many awesome tools on the market that focus on helping nonprofits like yours get organized and connect with their supporters. Discover how they can help you achieve a more time- and cost-effective New Year.

Get Social

The success of a nonprofit organization can oftentimes be measured by the engagement of its supporters. Provide them with an outlet where they can share their passion. If your organization does not already have a social presence than setting up a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page should be your number one goal! Take it one step further with Pushup Social, a new technology that is helping nonprofits maximize their social engagement by allowing organizations to add their own social hub to their existing website in a matter of minutes. It’s free, and in addition to pulling in your organization’s social feeds onto your website, visitors can create profiles and interact with your posts.

Stay Organized

The day-to-day routine of a nonprofit is comprised of a great amount of details and tasks. The key to accomplishing all of your goals is to not only get organized, but also find a system that helps you stay organized. Project management software, such as Trello, keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details. Trello is a free application that works like virtual stickynotes and can be shared with members of your team. Use it as a task list, event planner, marketing timeline, or tracking list of major donor interactions.

Speaking of donors, it is only useful to compile information about your donors, volunteers and board members if you are able to analyze and search the data. Take a class on Excel or use an online program to help track each person’s involvement in your organization. Have they donated – how much and when? Have they volunteered – which events? You may start to see habits or trends that will help you fundraise more effectively.

Increase ROI

Stop doing things that don’t show a return. Again, just because you have done something forever doesn’t mean it works. Start the New Year with a cost benefit analysis on each of your fundraisers to determine if time is being spent wisely or if it is just taking resources away from your organization’s mission. Each campaign has its own goal from raising money to gaining exposure to thanking donors. A crowdfunding campaign is one way to accomplish all three of those goals at once! The lowest hanging fruit are your current donors and their friends. Gladitood, a nonprofit crowdfunding platform, takes only a few minutes to set up a project and it makes it easy for your current network to donate and share your messaging to their online network.

Update Supporters

Testimonials and success stories are always great tactics as part of a fundraising push, but don’t stop there! Communication with donors should occur regularly and not always tied to an “ask.” People are much more likely to continue donating time and money when their efforts are making a difference and they feel a connection to your success. Try updating donors on your nonprofit’s happenings with a bi-weekly blog or email newsletter. To maximize your time, check out email marketing software, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact, which are free to use and will help you manage your email lists. Additionally, you can use these to design beautiful emails, schedule campaigns in advance, and target emails based on designated segments.

What nonprofit doesn’t want more time in the day or to increase donations and volunteers? This year, make a resolution to try a new tool. It could be just the thing that makes 2016 your best year yet.