The A-Town Get Down Art and Music Festival, created to honor the life of art student and musician Alex Townsend, is about increasing access to art and music experiences throughout the Savannah community with a particular focus on underprivileged children. To date, in partnership with Loop It Up Savannah, A-Town has reached well over 1,000 kids with inspiring experiences -- the kind that can change lives.

Prominent Savannah Arts Educator:

“I cannot imagine an organization having a better mission than
yours. And you run and operate it so well...and with such
well-conceived programs. I am thankful for you and your work,
and know that you are bringing experiences of a lifetime to
innumerable individuals.”

9-year old Jak' Won, on the art he created at A-Town:

"These pictures are all my style. They represent me because the dark night, it represents my life. And the bright colors are when I get to do art. It's a light." 

Sara, high school student, on performing music at A-Town:

“I sing my heart out and get all that out of my mind
and just focus on the feeling that the song gives me…
I forget about any problems I have. I feel euphoric.”

Performer Loudon Wainwright III on the A-Town mission:

“When you’re young you need encouragement…whether you want
to be an actor, or singer, or painter, or writer, or photographer, or
dog catcher – the grownups have to help you by encouraging
you. And that’s what this whole deal is about.”

Mark Stewart, Age 50 - 60:

"No question, A-Town helped me regain confidence in myself, my talents, and my future. A-Town helped me set a more positive course for life."

Many thanks for your support,