Parents regain hope for their child's future once the Academy of St. Louis becomes part of their lives.

With the growing rate of students diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities, the Academy of St. Louis continues to reach inside of God's uniquely created children, bringing out the hidden treasures He has placed within them.

Hope   Promise   Opportunity

Having attended private, parochial and public educational settings, students entering the Academy quickly restore their sense of hope within the safe, accepting environment where learning is built around their specific needs. The opportunity to regain the promise innately given them at birth by God is restored by developing healthy relationships with staff who genuinly see their uniqueness as positive attributes, molding and shaping them back to the path of self-confidence and future success as individuals.

Families are once again united in peace as school related stress is relieved.

Once again, peaceful family evenings are celebrated as homework is manageable leaving time for creating positive memories for you and your child.

Academy of St. Louis!

What's the big deal?


-Students are simply happy coming to school. 

-Friends are made for the first time.

-Academics flourish as a result of personalized curriculum.

-Recess and gym are fun for once!

-Stress is reduced allowing for relationships

to develop.

-Jesus becomes a close friend!


"The Academy...has given us back...HOPE!"

The Academy of St. Louis has been nothing short of a blessing to our son, Lucas. Before we found this school, he was trying to fit into part of the world that is just not made for him and he was drowning in it. Now, thanks to the educated and extremely caring staff at the Academy of St. Louis, we are finally able to see our son happy. They have given him a voice where he once had none. He now has confidence and is learning to branch out and form real friendships where we thought this might never be possible. Not only is he growing socially into a wonderful young man, he is also forming an incredible faith-based relationship with God and we are soo proud! The Academy has given us back something we thought was lost forever – HOPE!

-Stephanie Johnson


"We searched nationwide..."

The Academy of St. Louis is a school committed to helping each student reach their full potential. The staff is experienced and recognizes each student's strengths and weaknesses. Every child has their own individual education plan. The plan is communicated, reviewed with parents, modified when necessary and fully implemented to ensure the child has every opportunity to be successful. Not only is education a priority at the Academy but social, emotional, and spiritual development is emphasized. The children are in a safe, positive, and loving environment. It used to be a constant battle to get to school in the morning; our son was labeled by many of the teachers in the public school system as a trouble maker and he came home frustrated and cranky more often than not. Now our son is excited about getting to school early; and while he is still a teenage boy, he is often smiling and joking on the ride home. We searched nationwide for a school and Academy has definitely been a blessing not only to our son but to our entire family.