The Academy of St. Louis is the only private, faith-based, school for students with learning disabilities in St. Louis serving grades Pre K-12th.

We specialize in educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger's), ADHD, speech/language delays, and other cognitive disabilities. All kids deserve to be in a learning environment that celebrates who they are and how they learn.



For many students, the Academy is the one school that compliments their learning style.  Your gift to the Annual Appeal provides more students the opportunity to attend the Academy of St. Louis.  With your donation, we continue to build the foundation for future success and happiness for our students.  Help our efforts to advocate and provide a school experience for students not fitting traditional academic school models.


Practically speaking,

"How Can I Help?"

By giving to the Annual Appeal, you are helping "Bridge the Gap" between the $28,000 it costs the Academy to educate each student (operating budget) and the $19,0000 charged in tuition. Many of our school parents have numerous other expenses associated with raising a child with disabilities. The Academy strives to make tuition as reasonable as possible without compromising the academics, life skills, social and transitional programs designed for each student. 

"Thank you for taking the time to understand our need!"


  • Our academic curriculum, combined with social skills, life skills, and transition planning, is developed independently for each student. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to succeed in life, enabling each to be a happy and productive adult within their community and within their families.
  • If a child has a learning disability, they are no different than four out of ten students.  Their hope is in your acceptance and understanding of them as a person.  Their hope is in finding an environment where they feel physically and emotionally safe.  Their hope lies within academics that challenge them at a level they are capable of reaching.  Their hope lies with you to accept them for who they are: that includes their strengths and challenges. 
  • These funds will be used to provide a safe space for our students to grow and learn while also providing them with the proper tools they need to succeed.