Through My Eyes Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to empowering youth and their communities to shed light on their issues and their successes through the use of documentary filmmaking. To do this, we use our professional talents as filmmakers. Putting the camera into the hands of those we support, we host workshops and mentor them through the process of creating their own journalistic short-film documentary.

We have partnered with the Apa Sherpa Foundation to mentor their youth through this program of creating their own documentaries. The video on this page was created by Sherpas Cinema, telling the story of Apa Sherpa. Apa created his foundation to give bring education and a chance at a better life to the Sherpa people.

Together, we will work with 4 different teams of kids within 4 different areas from Kathmandu to villages on Mount Everest. Each team will create a journalistic short-film documentary. The completed films will be put together as a feature-length with an intro for each by Through My Eyes and Apa Sherpa Foundation, reflecting on the films and their subject matter.

Each person that donates will be automatically enrolled to win a Canon Rebel T6i kit that Through My Eyes Foundation kids used previously. The selection will be randomly generated no matter how much you donated as a thank you from us should we reach our goal.