Hi, I'm Oliver Keller, professional stuntman and entrepreneur, and I've put together an incredible team of stunt coordinators, event coordinators, and mechanics to recreate one of the most famous stunts in Hollywood history - The Bandit Jump. 

The Jump

On the week of June 17th to June 24th thousands of die hard “Smokey and the Bandit” Fans will reunite for the annual Snowman’s Run and The Bandit run with their 1977 Pontiac Trans Am’s and Snowman’s Semi Truck rigs touring the iconic world famous film locations.

2017 is a very special year since it is the 40th Anniversary for the cult classic Motion Picture “Smokey and the Bandit," so I got in touch with my close friend, Mr. Burt Reynolds, and we had the idea to reenact the famous Bridge Jump from the Movie!

 This very special Car jump has not been done since the original film and will be executed on the same river as the original location, just a couple hundred feet away.

The Team

We've gone through great lengths to assemble the best team in the world so we can make history. From our stuntman, to our stunt coordinators and event planners, we've got an all-star team making sure this event is a success. Together, we make up The Bandit Jump Crew. Check us out below! 


Oliver Keller is our stunt driver. He'll be jumping the Trans Am across the Flint River all in the name of celebrating the Smokey and The Bandit 40th anniversary to support our veterans. 

Troy and Tim Gilbert both Members of Stunts Unlimited, 3rd Generation in the Stunt Industry. Their Grandpa was the Stunt Coordinator on Ben Hur. Dad was jumping the famous FALL GUY Truck and doubled Robert Redford in every film he did. Troy and Tim are not only world class Stuntmen and Stunt Coordinators, but are wonderful people! Troy and Tim will be the official Stunt Coordinator’s behind this Huge Car Jump.

From the very beginning of its inception, STUNTS UNLIMITED has led the pack for all the others to follow. It has earned a reputation for providing the best action in film for today’s top-grossing pictures. STUNTS UNLIMITED is the ultimate goal for any stunt person coming to Hollywood.

Elia Popov is an incredible talented Special effects Coordinator and Owner of JEM FX in Los Angeles. His 30’000 square ft. shop and his crew are going to prepare the Jump car with hidden roll-cage, special suspension system, fuel cell etc. Once its ready we will test jump the car in L.A. at his test facility in order to perfect details. Some of Elia’s work includes Mission Impossible / Transformers / Live by Night / Zoolander 2 / Need for Speed / Taken 3 / Nightcrawler / Baywatch / Game ofThrones / The Wall

The Car

Oliver will jump the 1977 Trans Am an approximate 150 feet over the Flint River in Jonesboro GA on the afternoon of June 24th 2017. The Trans Am, belonging to Snowman Truck Driver Adam Denino, has been shipped to JEM Special Effects to be prepared for the huge jump. Stripped of any unnecessary weight, a safety fuel cell will be installed, full hidden roll cage put in, a brand new paint job put on and the suspension beefed up to take a landing after a 150ft flight. 

The Cause

We're not just jumping a 1977 Trans Am 150 feet to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the film. We're doing it to properly thank the service men and women who make it possibly for us to celebrate in the first place, by using this event to raise one million dollars for veterans. Here's their mission statement...

That's a cause we hope you can get behind. Once we've raised enough money to put on this event, this fundraiser will close, and we'll open a new one exclusively for the veterans! 


Sponsorship Opportunities

This historic event offers incredible product placement opportunities for your brand, big or small. Use your browser to zoom in on the image below and check out our sponsorship opportunities. Select the sponsor package that fits your needs to the right. 

For questions about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to Laura Valente at laura@premiereventslive.com