Based on data from 2014, approximately 30.9% of Wake County high school food waste was made up of compostable organics

Almost a third of our waste could be collected and redistributed for future sustainable use! 

These facts and statistics got us thinking: what can we do, through Broughton and the Food Ark, to combat food waste in our school and community?

This led us to our innovation: we plan to implement a composting system at Broughton by partnering with our cafeteria staff and a waste collection service: Food FWD

Food FWD is currently in three Durham County Public Schools and two Wake County public schools, so they have experience working in tandem with WCPSS policy

Broughton students and Food Ark members will work with our cafeteria manager, Lisa Anderson, and the rest of Broughton’s kitchen staff to implement this system in three phases

In the first phase: we will commence composting and collection in back of house, with just waste from the kitchen

This will allow us to do a test run with the staff to avoid contamination and figure out collection and distribution logistics

FOOD FWD offers a staff training service which will be helpful in getting staff and students acclimated to the new composting methods

The second phase will involve student participation and composting at our on-campus eating areas

In this phase, Broughton Food Ark members, and students seeking community service will monitor the compost receptacles, to work with students to prevent contamination

Ultimately, we plan to transition to our third and final phase, with independent student disposal and composting.

When you donate: funds go to The Food Ark, a 501c3 nonprofit, that will then allocate those funds to Broughton High School through donation to the school.

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