Thank you for your commitment to offering a hand up from poverty to possibility for families in Africa. MPA is more than excited to announce a new opportunity to double your impact with our newest pay-it-forward project: CLEAN WATER. 

Unclean water is the greatest common threat to life, health, education, and economic advancement among the people we strive to help. Getting clean water is a daily challenge shared by over 313 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. International health organizations report that 115 people in Africa die every hour due to water-borne diseases. Many of these are children who die before the age of five. Unclean water carries pathogens and contaminants that cause illnesses like hepatitis, cholera, dysentery and typhoid. 

MPA became aware of a filter which effectively eliminates 99.99999% of all the bacteria in unclean water that causes death and illnesses. With proper care, the filter can last a lifetime. A simple back-flushing of the filter enables it to be used over and over again. When Sister Toni drank the filtered water, her unbelieving audiences wanted to drink the water also. “It was a miracle happening before my very eyes. The excitement, the joy, the realization that they could have clean water daily for their children and themselves – all this left me speechless. It’s hard to compare it to anything else in my life. Over and over again, the people asked, ‘How can we get this filter?’” 

Here is where we need your help. From August 1 until September 30, generous donors  will match your contributions for water filters up to $50,000.  ($25,000 match from a family in Chicago who believe they can out-do the rest of the world's giving which will also be matched up to $25,000 by St. Louis area donors).  

The water filters will change so many lives. In keeping with our microfinancing practices, MPA will give loans through our partners who will make the filters available to the people we serve.