Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse is a part of life in many Indian communities. Often, abusive behaviors are passed down to the next generation. Seldom are perpetrators held accountable. 

We are a group of people who have decided to act. We cannot stand by and watch while our families, homes, and communities are destroyed. We are starting a grassroots effort that is focused on providing education to broken communities. The Center for Women and Children has a goal to break this cycle of addiction and violence.

Center for Women and Children is a developing non-profit organization located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our vision is to help eliminate the abuse of women and children by providing education, counseling, temporary shelter, and training in local communities in Gujarat. For that purpose, we are opening a center for women and children. The Center will serve as a safe house for women and children, where they can receive compassionate counseling, and temporary shelter. Concurrently, we will provide education to the community and train professionals to help us end this rampant injustice.

In order for our organization to finish the development stage, and enter the fundraising stage, we would like to send our non-profit management advisor, Christina Blash, on site to accomplish the final tasks.

We would like to send Ms. Blash on-site from July 30, 2015 - August 13, 2015.

Christina Blash, MSW, LMSW, is a highly qualified community social worker. While on-site for 2 weeks, Christina would finalize our logic model, develop a system for record maintenance and tracking, and train the staff on reporting and statistics. She will also finalize all projects for the year (which will also be featured on Gladitood). Christina has volunteered her time, and provisions for her lodging has been arranged. Christina will do all development projects and trainings directly from our Center.