Meet Laraba,

Laraba lives with her 4 beautiful children in the rural Nigeria. Before Ripples, Laraba worried every night, unsure if she would be able to feed her children the next morning. Her extended family, who live in the same village like all others villagers, are subsistence farmers. They all sold very little of what they grow. This leaves them with little or no money to spend on School fees, or food when their harvest runs out. This is devastating in years when harvests are poor.

Ripples solution is to provide a sustainable option, by offering livestock and training on farming and livestock rearing skills that help women, like Laraba raise their own herd of livestock. This will provide meat to supplement the nutrition and provide food, and an income, which they can use to send their children to school.

Ripples’ Donate to Labara Campaign will empower 45 Rural African village women living in Ogidi in Kogi state Nigeria. Under Ripples Farms’ eco-friendly, sustainable livestock rearing Program, women receive Livestock and farming skills training. The women will receive 10 goats. Over the course of the year the women will receive training on how to raise their herd. This will enable them to earn their own income.