C.D.I works with Disable children, Young girls and Women. C.D.I works through volunteering. We support poor disable children in attaining education through providing education materials uniforms and hosting special education volunteers; physiotherapist and audiologist to support disable children in schools. CDI makes campaign in local villages to end Albino killings, female genital Mutilation (F.G.M), forced marriages and support spread of reproductive health education to young girls.

We are raising fund to support our activities. As C.D.I is a voluntary organization we don’t charge for any individual in the world to volunteer with us as long as will support in either teaching disable children or joining our campaigns etc.

However we need funds to facilitate activities and be able to help getting education materials for disable children. The funds obtained here goes direct to the organization and are used according to the activities planned.

We welcome every individual organizations and companies to support our activities. You can subscribe monthly donation or yearly. Every donor will receive updates on organization progress. Once you’re planning to travel to Tanzania CDI would like to welcome you in Mwanza to visit the organization you have been donating to.