The Endangered Wolf Center (EWC), located in St. Louis, blends wolf conservation and recovery, behavioral and biological research and public engagement in order to preserve predators in the American landscape.

Its dual expertise in both education and on-the-ground conservation makes the EWC extremely effective. In the past two years, 14 genetically important pups born at the Center were successfully placed into wild dens; one pup was fostered into a wild pack whose alpha dad was a foster himself – an achievement that demonstrates the incredible success of the program EWC helped pioneer.

Just this past year the EWC had a record-breaking 54 births from five different species doubling its animal population—a first in its nearly 50-year history. They were also honored by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums with the prestigious Edward H. Bean Award, bringing national recognition in conservation to the EWC for its long-term work with the critically endangered Mexican wolf. 

Conservation is a world of highs and lows and unfortunately in August, the EWC experienced historic flash-flooding that damaged their grounds and animal habitats. Thankfully no animals were harmed in the flooding. The repairs are extensive and experts in earthwork and grading design were hired through Kolb Grading LLC to help divert water flow and prevent damage like this from occurring in the future.  

Due to the historical year of puppies and significant habitat repairs at the Center, the August A. Busch III Charitable Trust and the Beckman Chartiable Trust are providing year-end challenge grants that total $201,000. Now through the end of the year, donations will be matched dollar for dollar by these challenge grants. Being wild is hard. The Endangered Wolf Center needs your support, and we hope you will help with a year-end donation. 

Thank you for being part of this important work. With your support, the heart of the wild continues to beat strongly at the EWC, and we are truly grateful.


Virginia Busch

Chief Executive Officer