Offering a Safe Birth for Women Everywhere

Women who live in extreme poverty in rural villages are encouraged to come to their local clinics for prenatal care. Through the efforts of our project, which includes educating women about obstretric fistulas, we hope to decrease the incidence of fistulas allowing women to remain active, healthy, contributing members of their community.

As the incidence of obstetric fistula injuries decrease through the efforts of this project, it is expected that healthy women will continue to be economically productive and engaged members of their communities.

How can you offer a hand up?

We are working to train each midwife how to recognize three important potential complications (twins, abnormal position of the baby, and abnormal position of the placenta) that would require the mother to deliver at the local hospital and ensure a safe, healthy delivery. 



Where does your donation go?

Donations will be pooled to go towards the purchase of portable ultrasound machines for distribution to other village health centers with midwives in Uganda.

We provide lectures and hands-on training for the midwives and deliver the ultrasound machines to the village health centers with 2 additional days of training and 1-2 month follow-ups.