The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us to close our doors temporarily and like many nonprofit organizations, we rely on our in-person programs to sustain the Endangered Wolf Center.

As a special thank you to everyone who donates during this trying time, we're sending you a surprise - a fun Mystery Experience or gift. We know you're giving from the kindness of your heart and dedicated support of our mission, so in return we hope these fun Mystery Experiences & Gifts demonstrate our appreciation and put a smile on your face.

Your donation - large or small - makes a big impact for our endangered animals. It's hard to be wild, and by choosing to make a Mystery Experience donation, you're supporting wildlife and wild places.

We'll send you an email that will reveal your Mystery Experience or gift. These range from educational virtual experiences to in-person activities and wolf-themed goodies. 

Check out our MYSTERY EXPERIENCE hints below and let the fun begin! Limited quantities available, so don't delay! 





The Endangered Wolf Center has existed for more than 40 years, yet even in its hometown of St. Louis, it is a best-kept secret.

Learn more about the Center’s mission of preserving wolves and reintroducing them to the wild, and why that work is vital to a healthy ecosystem and a healthy planet.