BEST For Seniors® provides fall-prevention, fitness and wellness programs for older adults. While we offer fee-based commercial programs, an integral part of our mission is making our programs available to seniors at municipal senior centers and other nonprofit venues at no charge. We fund these efforts through donations we receive.

Two types of programs form the core of our nonprofit community outreach. They are:

Fall Prevention and Safety Seminars

These one-hour seminars feature our Fall Prevention Handbook, a copy of which is provided at no charge to each seminar participant. The program consists of a 45-minute presentation by our speaker amplifying the information in the Handbook, followed by a 15-minute discussion in which attendees can ask questions and share their experiences relating to falling.

Group Exercise and Wellness Classes

We offer three proprietary group programs (please visit our website for details):

Recallections™ (brain fitness)

SCORE™ (physical fitness)

B.A.S.I.C.S.™ (mind-body)

Donations to BEST For Seniors® allow us to serve seniors in our community without regard to their ability to pay.