Non-profit Female Founders Faster Forward ( is fundamentally changing how startups secure capital. Our innovative Startup Investment Model Index (SiMi) effectively measures startup maturity, opportunity, and risk, while eliminating bias and prejudice in prevailing venture-funding processes. SiMi is like a FICO Score for Startups. Please give now to help us raise $250,000 for SiMi development.

Much like the impact of the FICO Score on consumer lending, SiMi assesses, informs, and empowers startup founders on venture investability--outside of gender, race, or other identities. By focusing purely on the state-of-the-startup, SiMi also facilitates smarter investing. Using sophisticated data and analytics driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, SiMi delivers entirely new levels of funding transparency and benchmarking, creating entirely new positions of funding for under-served founders.

With broad, free-of-charge SiMi adoption, we intend to bring female founders, particularly in tech, out of the shadows and further into the pool of successfully funded enterprises. We aim to raise the prevailing funding rate to female founders specifically from 2-3% to 20% by 2020.  

We've met with the US Senate and the US Small Business Administration; both entities are keen on SiMi solution promotion and adoption. Our baseline data already includes more than 750 funded startups, with input from both founders and funders. A data and model university peer-review is underway. We need funding to support SiMi development on a non-profit basis. 

Why should you care? Consider the founders and the businesses that get left behind, those that never make it above the fold. They represent lost opportunity, unrealized positive financial impact, paradigm-changing solutions that died on the vine for lack of funding—only because they were founded by women. No more. Help us revolutionize venture-funding processes and level the playing field for startup founders by putting SiMi in their hands.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. All (non-anonymous) donors will be recognized on our website at campaign conclusion. Please see our list of FAQ below for additional, helpful information. Thank you!