By giving to ADL in the Heartland, you support the crucial work we are doing to secure justice and fair treatment to all in our region. ADL is responding to an uptick in bullying and hate incidents in schools, desecrations of religious institutions and spaces, and the targeted online harassment of minorities. Our work and mission has never been more relevant. Your support will help us reach more schools, institutions, and law enforcement officers than ever before. 

ADL annually educates 4000+ local students, educators, police, families, and communities each year with our anti-bias programs. 

ADL speaks truth to power. We are a non-partisan organization that stands for principles over politics. 

ADL annually educates 500+ local law enforcement representatives on extremism, terrorism, and hate crime. ADL is the leading non-government agency in the US offering training on such challenges. 

ADL educates 90+ local agencies since 2011 including Youth in Need, Grace Hill, FOCUS St. Louis, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, College Bound, Casa De Salud, Washington University, and the St. Louis Public Library. 

ADL tracks extremist groups and trends, domestic and international terrorism, and shares investigative resources for media, legislators, and law enforcement. 

ADL responds to hate crime, bias incidents, and claims of anti-Semitism and discrimination. 

ADL partners with the Saint Louis Art Museum on our signature Concepts of Beauty and Bias program, a special middle and high school anti-bias learning opportunity. 

ADL partners with the Missouri History Museum on race and racism and general anti-bias programs.