We know this because his previous owners had a cancerous mass in the same spot removed just 2 months ago! Kobee’s original mass was first identified at just over 12 months old, his family ran all the diagnostics, had the mass removed and biopsied in July, and unfortunately the surgeon was unable to get clean margins. The vet recommended radiation but it was just too costly and the family decided to go with a homeopathic treatment plan, which just wasn’t working – the cancerous mass was back with a vengeance! The family reached out to SCGRR to make a very difficult, emotional decision - surrender Kobee in the hopes that we can save his life or at least give him a chance at a longer life with more quality. The cancer is growing at an alarming rate but is very isolated. There is a chance of success and given his age, we need your help to give him this chance.

When Kobee arrived, he had not eaten in more than 3 days, he was very down, he was nauseated and in pain. We had him seen by one of our wonderful vets who administered pain and anti-nausea medications along with fluids to stabilize him. If Kobee didn’t start eating we would have to possibly make some heartbreaking decisions. Thankfully within 2 hours, Kobee slowly began to eat – he had to be hand fed by his foster. Within a few days, he was happier – he had a bounce in his step, his tail was wagging and he began to play. Kobee really wanted to play with tennis balls, but due to the mass he cannot open his mouth wide enough to get the ball fully in his mouth. This is good news – we now have HOPE!

Our vet came up with a plan for Kobee and contacted an amazing oncology surgeon who believes she can help Kobee! She specializes in head/neck oncology surgery and is known for getting the best margins possible and using chemo beads to follow through on any questionable areas. She pioneered the surgical technique that combines the removal of tumors with the implantation of chemotherapy. Given Kobee’s age, SCGRR is committed to looking at the possibility. He will first need an MRI of his neck/head to see what is truly going on with the mass. This happens Tuesday, September 25! Please keep Kobee in your thoughts. Once the MRI is done we will see the Oncology surgeon on Friday to discuss the options.

We need to move forward with this plan quickly, but it is all very costly – we need your help. The initial diagnostics plus rough estimate of surgery plus chemo beads we are looking at about $6000. Kobee is just a puppy at only 18 months – a third of his life has been dealing with this horrible cancer. It is aggressive but isolated. His chest x-rays are clear. His abdominal ultrasound and spleen biopsy were also clear. Please keep Kobee in your thoughts and prayers and if you can, please donate to help give him a chance at life!! We are always incredibly grateful for our generous supporters that help us save and make better the lives of precious pups like Kobee.