Hawaii's Forgotten Families was formed in July 2017 when a group of builders and architects came together to work on a luxury home in Kahala.  Every day as they would drive to work they would see more and more homeless families with young children living under tarps on the side of the road.  One day as they were talking about the homeless crisis in Hawaii they all felt an urgent need to use their talents and skills to build affordable, long lasting homes for Hawaii's low income and homeless working families. 

They researched to find the best way to build affordable homes and came across a Native Hawaiian advocacy corporation operating out of the west side of Oahu called Ho'omana Pono (Righteous Empowerment) run by DeMont Connor and Rachel Kailianu Conner.  Ho'omana Pono wants to use a new technology called hempcrete to build affordable micro homes for Native Hawaiians on Hawaiian homestead land, and to teach the Native Hawaiians skills using this new technology to secure a livelihood for themselves.  With Ho'omana Pono and HFF being very similar in our visions we decided to team up as partners along with Alakea Construction, Hawaii Architects, Sketchtank, Euro Forest, and the Alari Group to make both our missions become a reality. 

Our ultimate goal is to build thriving and self-sustaining communities for Hawaii's forgotten families.  In using this new technology which is ideal for building with we can build affordable homes quicker and teach them valuable job skills so they can maintain and secure a family home for generations to come.  We believe that our plan of action will not only end Hawaii's homeless crisis in a short span of time, but it'll also help to prevent another homeless crisis in the future. 

With your love and support we can make this become a reality!

Please watch our video to find out what our exciting first project will be using this new building technology and how you can be a part of the solution in helping to rid our beautiful island home of this growing homeless epidemic.

Mahalo and God bless!