Thanks so much for checking out our project. Here at International Peace Initiatives, we work hard every day to improve the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, and we need your help. Recently, teenage pregnancy has become somewhat of an epidemic in the community, and it's estimated that 4 out of every 10 teenage women are pregnant. This is largely due to the lack of sex education available to the community. We want to fix that by meeting teenagers with education and skills for an income on their terms, in a beauty shop.

This Beauty Shop/Mentoring program model has been very successful in other communities throughout Africa, and with just $14,000 we can establish our own beauty shop and train 20 women! All the money raised goes straight to the program, and all donations are tax deductible. We really hope you'll join us in our mission to provide these women with the tools for employment and ability to teach future generations about the importance of sex education.

As an intervention of creating hope for these girls, through its School of Hairdressing and Beauty, IPI offers a six month hairdressing course that is aimed at equipping the teenage mothers with skills that will enable them to get an income without risking their future and that of their children. The course will also include a leadership and mentoring program and counseling sessions for the girls, during which they will be taught sex education and other life skills.

Teenage Pregnancy in Kenya amongst school going girls has become a worrying trend. Teenage childbearing is common in Kenya and increases dramatically from 2 percent of girls at age 15 to 36 percent at age 19. According to studies, nearly 4 in every 10 teenage girls are having babies.  This is caused by a myriad of factors; poverty, religious and cultural beliefs and lack of information on sexuality. These young girls drop out of school due to pregnancy and may not continue with their education. This means they have to drop out of school to first take care of themselves and the baby when it is born.

The adolescent mothers are thrown into a panic not knowing who to turn to for fear of rejection. First when the father of the baby discovers in most cases they disown the pregnancy and claim innocence, the society is hostile and then the situation at home in some cases becomes violent. The girl is thrown out of home, becomes homeless or shipped to some hide out till she delivers as she has now become an eye sore for the family.

Most of these girls are not granted the opportunity of continuing with their education and with no income generating skills; they are left with no option but to engage in vices such as commercial sex which poses to them dangers of STIs and HIV/AIDS and the possibility of other unwanted and unplanned for pregnancies.

There is therefore need to create an intervention that will liberate these girls and create hope for them to face the future. These girls need to be equipped with income generation skills that will enable them to not only provide for themselves but also for their children.