The Model

The HOME WORKS! model requires two mandatory teacher trainings, two teachers on each visit, two visits per student per year, two family dinners at school, and two staff in each school who ensure program fidelity and data collection. Teachers are paid to make the visits, a cost we split with the schools.

On a visit, I brought one of my students a dictionary, and a week later the parent called me to tell me that he loved it so much he slept with it under his pillow. Steve Pipitone, teacher at Woerner Elementary

The Students

Teachers visit as many students as possible, prioritizing students who are performing below grade level; have attendance, tardiness, and/or behavior issues; are ELL (English language learners); or are in kindergarten or first grade and did not attend pre-kindergarten.

My teacher told my grandma that I was reading at a level 13. That made me smile! – HOME WORKS! 4th Grader

The Schools

This year, we are in 28 schools, including early childhood, elementary, middle, and high schools in nine districts (urban, suburban, and rural) and in one charter and one parochial school in four counties in Missouri (St. Louis, Boone, Saline, and St. Charles).

Our two science teachers are across the hall from each other. One has visited every one of her students; the other one has visited none. They both gave the same homework assignment. 87% of the students in the home-visiting class turned in the assignment on time. Only 30% of the students in the other class did. Home visits are having an enormously positive effect in our school. – Chauncey Granger, Principal Southeast Middle School, Hazelwood Schools  

The Results

Compared to students who did not receive home visits, HOME WORKS! students:

• increased Math and Communication Arts state test scores,

• scored higher on the STAR reading test,

• improved math grades among 3rd to 6th grade HOME WORKS! students, and

• were less likely to miss two weeks or more of school.

One of my students had an ongoing streak of absences. When I went on the home visit and talked with the student’s mother about it, she realized that the child’s stepmother had been keeping the student home from school to babysit. After the home visit, we were able to resolve the problem and the student hardly missed any more days. – HOME WORKS! Teacher