For a decade, teams of medical volunteers organized by Outreach, Inc., have provided critically needed healthcare in East Africa, with a focus on women and children.

The 501(c)3 non-profit has a goal of raising $10,000 or more to create a scholarship fund to support nurses who wish to serve on the October 2015 Medical Mission. Nurses and medical professionals are also encouraged to apply to join the vteam

Twelve years ago, Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, an Iowa couple who had worked for all of their adult lives, briefly delayed their retirement to take a quick service trip to a rural hospital in Tanzania. Floyd’s background in construction would come in handy and Kathy, a natural nurturer, was excited by the chance to help new mothers welcome their babies. 

As they witnessed young boys and girls too weakened from and distracted by hunger to learn, women and children suffering from treatable illness, complicated by the lack of clean water, their thoughts of a relaxing retirement faded – Outreach, a non-profit which today bears Charity Navigator’s highest rating – was born.

We hear from many nurses who have the lifelong dream of healing the poorest of the poor – but face financial challenges to do so. While all members of our mission teams are critical, our nurses support our doctors, enhance the confidence and skills of local nurses, nurture new babies and mothers, and so much more.

In honor of National Nurses Day (celebrated globally each May) – Outreach needs your help to build a “Scholarship and Service Fund” to reduce the financial burden of nurses who are the cornerstone of its Medical Mission Program. Lessening the financial burden for qualified nurses, who long to fulfill their dream to serve the poorest of the poor, will ensure that every Outreach Medical Mission can serve more patients with compassion and dignity.

The average cost to participate – exclusive of airfare – is approximately $4000 per person; this cost is growing.

If we are able to raise $10,000 to support nursing team members (and related costs, such as equipment and supplies), the financial burden on our nurses to participate can be markedly reduced. This “Scholarship and Service Fund” will also raise awareness for the need for trained medical personnel in Tanzania and of our long-standing commitment to serve these communities with compassion. We will publicize this fund openly and transparently, allowing any and all qualified applicants to apply to be part of our October 2015 Medical Mission Team.

Should we raise only a portion of our goal, we will not be able to help as many nurses fulfill their dream to serve – but our commitment to provide support for these important team members will be fulfilled to the extent that what we raise will permit.