Our goal is to gain the funding needed to start our work, which includes providing temporary lodging, transportation, food, clothing, emergency medical or dental care, and other services to victims as described on our Web site and in our Letter of Determination. In addition,  we need funds to insure our volunteers, as all nonprofits tend to do for the well-being of those who provide assistance. We have no paid employees and no physical facility to operate, which means more of our funding can go to those in need. 

Victims of human trafficking include men, women, and children. Men often are taken forcibly and required to perform labor services in both legal and illicit trades. Anyone, however, can be forced into labor in many industries ranging from restaurants and construction to information technology, hospitality, and private domestic work and housekeeping. Another key element of human trafficking is the sex trade. Any sex trade involving a minor is automatically a human trafficking case, since minors have not yet reached the age of consent. In addition, people of any race, age, gender, or ethnicity can be forced into sex trade through violence, threat of violence, kidnapping, and debt bondage. Runaway teens often are approached by people who use their vulnerabilities to provide lodging, drugs, and other services designed to lure them into sex and then into prostitution. They may be monitored, followed, and injured into submission. The legal test is whether or not the person was coerced or fraudulently manipulated into any unpaid service for the financial or personal benefit of another. In some cases, people in the sex trade have been exploited, but they go to jail themselves while their captors go free. We view this as a major injustice, which should simply not happen.

Texas is at a major crossroads of human trafficking involving both domestic and international victims. Some of the international ones are lured here with advertising for jobs, which change or never materialize. They take their identification papers and tell them they owe large sums of money for which they must work. We plan to start in Texas. 

Besides providing services directly, we are preparing to build a coalition of governmental and nongovernmental  partners in the state to assist each other with assessing needs and providing services to help end this scourge on American society. Please help us by donating generously.

We will serve all verified victims respectfully regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or national origin.