For 36 hours you can elect to fast, and experience at a small level what it is like to be hungry, in solidarity with those around the world for whom daily hunger is not an option.

This is an opportunity to share your experience with your friends and family by asking them to sponsor you for each hour of your fast (or to make a one time donation).

Each donation given during individual or team fasting will be given directly to MicroFinance Partners in Africa's (MPA) projects in East Africa helping to end poverty and provide families a way to create a sustainable income and eliminate hunger for themselves and their families.

By providing grants for the strengthening and expansion of microfinancing programs in Africa, MPA empowers those living in extreme poverty to lift themselves up with dignity through access to services and education.

We believe that people have the right, the will, and the capacity to direct their own future. We’re not fixing what’s broken so much as we’re setting the stage for people to rediscover their innate dignity.