Coalition of Hope and their partners have been actively delivering supplies and hot meals throughout the community in our mobile emergency vehicles donated by 305 Films and the Southern Florida film community. 

Here is what we've accomplished so far. 

    12,000 hot meals served in 7 days to victims in the Florida Keys

    1,000,000 lbs of relief supplies delivered

    Over 2,000,000 relief items delivered including diapers, toothbrushes, bug spray, sleeping bags, air mattresses, fuel, generators, canned foods, flashlights, batteries, cleaning supplies, coolers, blankets, pillows, clothes, personal care hygiene kits containing deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, BBQ Grills, buckets, roofing nails, plywood, hundreds of tarps and over 120,000 pounds of ice.

    100 urgent care heath services provided through our partners, CitiMed. 

    More than 180 volunteers have already responded to our call and over 500 additional volunteers are on their way to help serve and cleanup homes with our partner Crisis Cleanup.

The Coalition of Hope Foundation in Partnership with Navillus Contracting and 305 Films Facilitated the Largest Disaster Relief Center in the Florida Keys for Hurricane Irma Survivors

BIG PINE KEY, Fla. - Sept. 27 2017 - The Coalition of Hope Foundation, Inc. (COH) on September 15th was tasked by the Munroe County EOC (Emergency Operations Center) to provide Humanitarian assistance services to the affected population. In the Florida Keys, officials estimated that 25 percent of the homes were destroyed and 90 percent damaged. With the financial support of Aya Healthcare, COH, with their mission partners, which include Navillus Construction, 305 Films, Humanity Road, Third Wave Volunteers, CitiMED, Sleeping Alligators Studios all of whom have been onsite providing hot meals, fresh water distribution, emergency supplies, a fully functional resources center, personal communications, technology resources, FEMA assistance, full mobile and onsite medical team managed by CitiMED. COH is now actively coordinating with the EOC, in the next phase to pave the way for National VOAD Volunteers to assist Keys homeowners with debris removal and muck outs of mold and wet drywall while the rebuilding process continues. Financial Support for COH’s Mission Assignment has been provided by Aya Healthcare and CitiMED.

Hurricane Irma hit Florida as a Category 4 storm on the morning of September 10th, ripping off roofs, flooding coastal cities, and knocking out power to more than 6.8 million people with estimated damages exceeding $100 billion. The Florida Keys were hit the hardest, with massive storm surges and major flooding. Hurricane Irma and its aftermath is responsible for the deaths of 112 people, 40 in the Caribbean and another 72 in Florida.

George Neugent, Monroe County Mayor stated, "I've observed the actions of the Coalition of Hope Foundation along with their partners Navillus and 305 Films, from the raising of the tents on day one to the stocking of goods to the feeding of thousands... its Heart warming! These guys are the real deal."

David Perez, President and Founder of COH commented, "The devastation is real. Just because it doesn't flash in the headlines anymore, it doesn't mean the people of South Florida don't need our help. Schools are destroyed. Homes are destroyed. Lives have been upended. And it is our duty as fellow Americans, as fellow humans, to lend a helping hand."

"Navillus is proud to lend support to the people of South Florida in a time of severe crisis," said Donal O'Sullivan, owner and president of Navillus Contracting. "Our goal is to help ensure that food and emergency supplies are rapidly made available to those who need it most. In the spirit of corporate citizenship, we are committed to leveraging our distinctive skills as community builders to aid residents of the Florida Keys at a time when these precise capabilities are in the greatest need. We thank the Coalition of Hope for joining us in these efforts."

Judd Allison, CEO of 305 Films Inc. representing South Florida Film Community stated "It's hard to fathom the degree of destruction in the Florida Keys. Its evident that many people have lost everything including the basic necessities of life. COH and Navillus are leading a coalition of volunteers that are all working together to support those most affected. We are truly impressed by the determination and resiliency of the local community as they rebuild for the future. The South Florida Film Community is here to support the Keys relief efforts."

About The Coalition of Hope Foundation (Federal Tax ID 20-3451673)

The Coalition of Hope Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit public charity has actively assisted in many of the most catastrophic disasters of the last 15 years, from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy to the disasters in Haiti and Ecuador. COH, since its inception, has provided aid and comfort to literally tens of thousands of victims. In addition to its efforts during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma relief efforts, the COH is actively working to secure the conveyance of the USS Nassau from the US Government in order to refit the vessel and create the first of its kind privately funded Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) early response platform. Recently featured in an Op Ed in the Miami Herald.

 About 305 Films Inc

Judd Allison and his colleagues have a vested interest in the South Florida Community by producing and directing Film, Music and Entertainment. in the past Judd has been instrumental in raising awareness for humanitarian causes (ALS Foundation, Haiti Earthquake awareness, IRMA, NON-GMO Florida). The ability for 305 Films to jump into action to quickly generate vital resources from the South Florida Film Community has launch impactful donor campaigns with the help of major sports teams, recording artists an celebrities.

About Navillus Contracting

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Navillus Contracting was the only private construction contracting volunteer organization to set up a disaster relief center in the parking lot of Saint Francis de Sales church in Belle Harbor, one of the most devastated areas in New York City. This became the main shelter and distribution center for the Rockaways over the coming months. All city agencies including FEMA, the National Guard and others utilized this center during this period. The Navillus team worked tirelessly to provide aid for devastated individuals and families, through the creation of temporary shelter and a community center environment, where hot meals and resources gave hope to those in need.  


The Coalition of Hope Foundation - Palm Beach, FL 33480

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Navillus Contracting - New York, NY 10017

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305 Films Inc. - Miami, FL 33138 - Judd Allison, CEO (m) +1(305)798-4070 or +1(305)759 9954 (e)

Video Documentary donated by Sleeping Alligator Studios - Solana Beach, CA