Jazz is more than music. Its individuality and self-expression. Its math and improvisation. It’s about community and coming together. It’s about being present, yet getting lost in your imagination.  

Jazz St. Louis is dedicated to providing transformative musical experiences that expose youth to the cultural significance of jazz, nurture students' talents, and develop the next generation of patrons of the arts. Through these opportunities, students gain self-confidence, develop creativity, and learn important life skills such as leadership and teamwork. Our programs support our core value that all youth deserve the same access to the arts and the same opportunities to succeed, regardless of any demographic, geographic or economic considerations.

For 15 years, Jazz St. Louis has been providing education and outreach activities to youth in St. Louis. To date we have reached more than 140,000 students by working with schools in both wealthy neighborhoods and underserved communities. Our programs train educators, expose youth to jazz through in-school performances and special events, and provide one-on-one training to student musicians. Ninety-nine percent of our programs are offered at no cost to students, families and schools.