For the past three years, a group of sometimes awesome guys have come together for a
weekend of cycling, suffering, intense laughter, and deepened relationship. The “Journey of
Awesomeness” is a 2-day, 204-mile trek from Charlottesville to Yorktown. We continue to  build an event that; Is fun, provides meaningful connection within the riders and our donor base, allows us to push ourselves, brings us together, gives us a common goal, gets us off the couch, builds community, brings glory to our Amazing Creator, and generates $$ for a cool cause, all the while liberating us all a teeny bit more.

On June 16-17 2018, we are excited to ride for WorldServe International.

Why WorldServe? Because WorldServe Is Awesome

For nearly two decades, WorldServe has quietly and steadfastly attacked the water crisis through well projects undertaken in collaboration with faith-based, government, educational, and other organizations. Since their founding, WorldServe’s model, focused on the “long haul” and working with village leaders – including women – has successfully transformed countless large communities. With water as the foundation, community potential rapidly accelerates. WorldServe believes: Water Changes Everything. 

We would love for you to consider making the 204-mile “long haul” with us if you are feeling it. There are only 3 requirements to join the ride; 1. show up with $500*your current decade of life or more, 2. do not take yourself too seriously, and 3. do not be high maintenance! That’s all!😄

What's With the Money?

Frankly, we’d do this ride in a heartbeat just to share the road with some awesome people and make memories, but we thought it would be awesome-r to use this journey and our joy in making it to make the lives of others more whole. In a lowkey way, since 2015, we’ve raised nearly $200,000 for important causes. Today, the “Journey of Awesomeness” includes a group of 35 riders who ride hard for the glory of God, to build relationships, and to benefit others. The fundraising requirement is $500 x the rider’s decade in life (i.e., $1000 for someone in his 20's).

The 2018 ride – taking place on June 16-17 – will benefit WorldServe International, one of the largest and most effective clean water providers in East Africa. Why water? Well, while we do drink a lot of beer during the “Journey of Awesomeness,” we’d not get very far without clean water to power us. This got us thinking a lot about the gift of water. We learned that 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet. Each day, 2000 children under the age of five die from waterborne illness.

What Will It Take?

The “Journey of Awesomeness” hopes to raise $100,000 to transform the lives of children and families living on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba in Tanzania. More than 5,000 people in the arid region where our water project will be located will be served by this project. The water project that they need to live will be accompanied by the infrastructure, education, and training to sustain it, thus paving the way for education, health, economic development and faith formation.

The funds we raise will support:

 - The cost of the drilling operations (rig and crew support)

 - Construction of tank and pump house

 - Solar energy

 - Capacity for women’s micro-businesses (ex., a solar cellphone charging station)

We’re grateful for your support – for our team or to honor and support one of our totally awesome riders.