Kids About Business was created based on the idea that as our world is becoming more innovative, it is becoming more necessary for children to be molded early on to be doers, makers and cutting edge thinkers who are able to overcome obstacles, both personal and professional, in a creative manner. Likewise, we believe that it is also important that children understand the importance of ambition that is not centered on greed or selfishness and to have a strong spiritual foundation. As our world is becoming more socially and economically difficult, being skilled at recognizing, facing and overcoming obstacles to success is a needed asset for all, especially those who are at higher risk for poverty, such as women and children are.  

Many people fail at life and at business because they have not been prepared and equipped with the proper tools needed to overcome in the face of trials and do not possess the proper information about who they are and what they are capable of. We are committed to providing these vital tools of preparation, inspiration, and information to women and children around the world, both through She’s About Business Inc and Kids About Business.