Have you ever borrowed a tool to finish a household project? Who did you ask for help? If you 

asked a neighbor, you know that having a good neighbor can make all the difference!

As a good global neighbor, MicroFinancing Partners in Africa (MPA) empowers people striving to rise out of extreme poverty. Doing so involves the efforts of our staff, on-the-ground partners, African community members, and YOU! Thanks to your ongoing support, MPA is providing tools that people need to lift themselves up to secure a better quality of life. These tools include revolving microloans, group projects, animal and sustainable farming, scholarships, and more.

During our 2018 site visits, MPA introduced a water filter to our partners in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. We witnessed overwhelming joy as people saw how the filter turned dirty water into safe water. Clean water will have a long-lasting impact: better health and fewer medical bills; healthy children attending school regularly; home projects prospering; and simplified food preparation, all due to one simple pay-it-forward project. MPA plans to sponsor over 2,000 water filter microloans through all of our partners in 2019, benefitting over 8,000 families.

We are asking you, our good neighbors, for a generous gift to continue our outreach. Please consider a gift to support MPA as we forge ahead with all of our signature microfinance efforts. You are changing the world for thousands by providing effective and empowering resources for our African neighbors to raise themselves out of extreme poverty. Thank you for your generous help.

We are grateful to you and for you throughout the holiday season.