Mizzou Student Suicide Prevention Coalition (MSSPC) creates a bond between students and faculty at the University of Missouri to better understand the impacts of suicide, mental health, and suicide prevention on our campus and in our community.  MSSPC raises awareness and fundraises with the ultimate goal of connecting students to resources on campus. We also provide a voice to individuals, families, and friends who have been impacted by suicide and mental health through our benefit events, MSSPC weeks, and butterfly releases. 

Mizzou Suicide Prevention Coalition was founded upon a simple goal – to eradicate death by suicide on our campus. Each year 1,100 college students take their lives, and as an organization we believe this is 1,100 lives too many. Last year we were successful in establishing ourselves as a powerful organization at Mizzou. We believe we have the ability to touch every student on our campus, as suicide is an issue that pervades all races, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. As an organization, we hope to give a voice to those who are too afraid to ask for help themselves. Furthermore, we arm students at Mizzou with the crisis intervention tools needed to help a friend.