MicroFinancing Partners in Africa empowers families to lift themselves out of poverty. Receiving just one cow can change the course of an entire family's life. Hear what Mary Naluyange, a single mother of four, has to say about her experience working with MPA. 

"Before, every day was a struggle. We were hungry, and I could not afford to send my children to school. We prepared our farm and the zero grazing shed and received our pregnant cow in 2012. After a time we started producing milk, which we sold for income of about $2.44 USD per day. This inspired us to work even harder. 

"I can now afford to send all my children to school. Because of the cow project, I am able to convert the cow's waste into bio-gas that helps me prepare meals and light the house at night. I no longer cut down trees, and I don’t need to buy fertilizer because I have use of the waste products from the bio-fuel. With savings from the milk income, I have started a piggery project and earn more income from raising and selling pigs. 

"My family’s health has improved because of the nutritious milk we drink every day and because of the training on home sanitation and hygiene. Thank you.”

Many more farmers like Mary are completing their training and preparing to receive the cow that will change their lives. 

The demand for more cows is urgent. To meet this need, every donation made from Aug 1 - Sept 30, 2017, will be doubled! Our board will match up to $50,000.

You will see the results of your kindness on the faces of families like Mary pictured here. Don’t miss this limited time opportunity.

Please join us.  

Together we can offer a hand up from poverty to possibility.