COVID-19 has triggered a worldwide education crisis, as 1.5 billion youth around the world have been impacted by COVID-19 related school closures. Students are isolated from one another, desperately searching for meaningful engagement and interaction with their peers. 

But there is hope.

Thousands of these future leaders all over the globe are eager to use their time and technology to help solve the problems we all face today. They’re hungry for a place to connect where they can think globally, work together civilly, and collaborate on solutions to make an impact on the world.

Our Response

MUN Impact is providing safe and secure virtual gatherings, facilitating productive conversations, and empowering these leaders of tomorrow.

This global pandemic has made in-person Model UN gatherings impossible, so we created an engaging online community for middle and high school students around the world who are eager to create positive change surrounding global issues. This youth network is a veritable "Model United Nations" (MUN). Students are logging-in from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Qatar, India, The United States, Ecuador and dozens of other countries to explore solutions they can apply in their communities to make a positive local impact.

The Need

Over the last two months, interest in MUN Impact’s online student groups has exploded through word of mouth alone. Over 2400 students have signed up to participate across all our programs, and that number is still growing!

We are encountering a moment never before seen in history. Now, we need your support to continue mobilizing students around the world who are determined to make a difference.

Every $75 raised transforms the era of COVID-19 from a time of isolation for a student into a time of leadership development and engagement with other exceptional students around the world.

The Opportunity

For the first time in history, students in culturally, geographically, and politically diverse nations have the opportunity to connect in real-time, engage in peer-to-peer mentoring, and work together to create globally-minded local solutions.

Students are using these dynamic online gatherings to advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals - working together to reduce poverty and hunger, promote health and human rights, protect the environment, and more.

A student who has been confined for months to a small apartment in urban Japan is able to log on and obtain perspectives on economic development from students in Nigeria, experiences related to climate change from students in Brazil, and observations on human rights from students in Afghanistan.

These students gain first-hand insight into each other’s lives. They are building genuine friendships with individuals whose lives are impacted by the same issues and challenges facing the world today.

When thousands of students around the world come together in this way, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

Every $75 we raise allows another student into this community of future world leaders. 

The Impact

MUN Impact is free for students, ensuring participation is not limited by socioeconomic ability or geographic location. It is part of our mission to open doors to all students around the world, so they have the opportunity to shape the future.  

It is urgent that we raise the funding necessary to seize this opportunity, empower our future world leaders, and sustain this level of growth.  

Through your support, MUN Impact can serve 10,000 of the 500,000 students who participate in Model UN globally.

"You guys have really given me a purpose that I never knew I could have. And now it’s my turn to help MUN Impact’s purpose come to life and spread across the globe!" -Zoey, age 17, USA
"You can’t imagine how I’m happy and grateful of being part of this wonderful adventure with this amazing group." -Pierre, 15, France
"I have no words to express my gratitude." -Pedro, 16, Costa Rica
"I have not been able to join MUN throughout high school as it was not available in my area. I'm very grateful to finally have had the chance to be a part of this, so thank you all the mentors!" - Mei, 17, East Asia

The future is in your hands and the hands of young people like these. A donation to MUN Impact is a small act towards ensuring we are equipped with the resources to work together to bring about a better future for tomorrow.