Thank you for all of you who have been supporting this campaign that we have extended until the end of February, 2018. Thanks to some friends in Canada and some larger donors in St. Louis we are getting close to being able to purchase the van. We have been over there shopping and have one we think will be so helpful. Please help us to help the kids gets safely to school and to the doctor and to meet our goal by then! We send a special thank you to those who have already contributed.

During this time of political unrest in Kenya, International Peace Initiatives (IPI) remains committed to the care of our children.  IPI is a Kenyan organization, with a joint US Board of Directors, dedicated to supporting initiatives that mitigate the effects of poverty, disease, discrimination and violence. One of many programs that IPI supports is the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (KACH) for orphans and vulnerable children.

The Kithoka Amani Children’s Home has many needs, but the one that we would like help with is the money to purchase a multi-passenger van.

Our existing van, which is over 10 years old and has logged several hundred thousand kilometers on very tough roads, is finally giving up. We need this van because: 

- Our children receive medical and dental care at low-cost or volunteer clinics, which are a distance from The Home. The HIV+ kids need very frequent trips to the eye doctor. A van is necessary because we take them in large groups and want to provide good medical care.

- We need a van to carry food and other necessitates from the market to the Children’s Home. Sometimes, materials and supplies can only be obtained in Nairobi, which is a six-hour drive from KACH. We also have a farm and need the van to deliver unneeded produce to the market, where we sell it to provide a portion of the income, which supports the home.

- KACH provides a ‘home’ for many programs focused on women’s empowerment and helping local women nearby who are affected by HIV/AIDS to learn to earn a living. These programs include jewelry making, sewing classes, culinary arts classes, weaving programs, and the recently established hair and beauty school for survivors of sex trafficking, as well as a project to provide high school girls with reusable sanitary pads. The van helps these programs by transporting goods needed for the education of the women and production of materials from Nairobi or local Meru markets. The van also transports the products the women make to the markets where they are sold. The income these vulnerable women earn helps them keep their children in school and provide food for their families 

- We foster an environment of academic rigor at KACH, hoping the children can continue to higher education. The van is needed for education and school and for safe transportation to cultural outings and other events that are not in walking distance from KACH.

- Most of the older children have been accepted into schools which are often located far from KACH. These schools, however, provide the best education in Kenya, and offer a gateway to a university education that local day schools do not. 75% of Kenyan girls start secondary school and only 10% finish. Our girls (and boys) finish, and we want to continue this. They need safe transportation to and from school.

- One way that The Home “keeps the lights on” is by hosting International and Kenyan visitors such as high schools and universities, missionary groups, and other educational organizations. Without transportation these groups wouldn’t be able to visit us and attend our workshops,  

As you can see, the Van is very important to the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home’s operations.

“An African proverb says: ‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk with others!!’ We have come this far because YOU chose to be part of the team that helped accomplish all this!!” Thank you!! – Dr. Karambu Ringera Founder of IPI and KACH