Noah (11 years old) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 16 months old. He decided that he didn't want to be a diabetic and wants to be part of the cure. Doing research for a homeschool project Noah came across "Walk for a Cure," so Noah immediately asked his Dad "what is this walk for a cure and can we walk there and be cured?" Noah's Dad, Robert, explained that the event is a fundraiser and they are raising money for research. Noah asked his father "If I come up with a fundraiser, will you help me?" A few weeks later Noah watched the Documentary "Into the Wind" about Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope. In 1980 20yr old Terry Fox started running a marathon a day across Canada fundraising for cancer research. Terry had lost a leg to cancer and was running with one leg. Noah was so inspired that he went to his Dad "Terry had one leg, I have 2 legs and I have America, I can do this!" Noah's father initial response was "No, that is crazy." Noah was very persistent and after a week, Noah looked his dad in the eye and just asked "why won't you help me, don't you want me to be cured?" Noah's father very moved by his son's intensity started training with Noah to see if he could physically make the 4000 mile trip. After 3 weeks on training in South Florida 95F and 60% humidity, Noah proved that he has the physical ability to make the journey. The family started making plans, Robert quit his job, the family started selling off all the things they didn't need and they cashed in the 401K, pulling together all their savings to fund the trip. Reaching out to diabetes research groups and diabetes communities, so Noah can thank everyone for all their hard work, in the hopes to combine the efforts so that as diabetes community we can work together to come up with a cure. Please join us on our mission to end diabetes globally.