Noah (10 years old) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 16 months old. He decided that he doesn't want to be a diabetic and wants to be part of the cure. The biggest challenge with charity causes, is to make them personal and engage the community. Marching 4000 miles across America will get media attention. With live streaming and 5 videos a week, this march will get lots of social sharing through a number of media channels. Reaching out to politicians to reallocate science project funding. For example, HIV gets 3 Billion a year for research, Diabetes gets about 1 Billion. More people die from Diabetes then from HIV and Breast Cancer combined. Diabetes has increased 57% in children over the last 10 years. Along the way we are hosting 5k events to engage communities and promote more media. Combining media coverage and community engagement will draw lots of attention to march. We need donors to help us cover expenses so that we can get politicians to shift funding and have corporations donate to research.