PLEASE HELP US SEND THE CHILDREN TO SCHOOL! We are asking you to help to alleviate a distressing situation in an area of grave poverty in Lira, Uganda. Both the Kole District and the Lira District which are approximately 17 miles apart share some of the same problems and severe concerns; poverty, lack of education, and an uncleaned water system. The water in these two districts has caused many of the citizens to be affected by water borne diseases causing premature deaths!

As a result of this dire situation, education has taken a backseat but not for the lack of interest, however for the lack of funding!

Education at an all time low

Education is at an all-time low while the level of poverty is at an all-time high. There is poor water sanitation in which these two districts are drinking, in turn, have caused many of the citizens in these two areas to affected by water born diseases hence early and premature death!

Launched a campaign already

Word Alive Ministries Incorporated founded the Partners in Education Mission (P.I.E.)  April of 2016 which is an outreach program with the initiative of educating children in Uganda for starters.  Then eventually after the completion of this campaign, we will extend our mission to help get children wherever there is a need, educated. Our objective is to send fifty or more children each year to school and to build schools wherever there is a need.

Thirty Children enrolled since April of 2016

We, Partners in Education (P.I.E. reached 10% of our goal already since April of 2016 by sending 30 Children to school in Uganda! As you can see, we need your help. There is approximately a total of 150 children that we plan to send to school. 


One slice of pie for an elementary child is $50.00 a trimester or $150.00 per year. One slice for a child in High School is $70.00 per quarter or $210.00 per year. As you can see, we need your help!  Also, we have sent food, flip flops shoes and other items to help in this situation.