Partners in Sustainable Development International (PSDI) fights poverty in rural areas of Bangladesh through a holistic model of poverty eradication by empowering families served, involving them in their uplift. We seek out the poorest of the poor - people who are not being served by other nonprofits - who cannot access existing resources, and who would not be capable of lifting themselves out of poverty without help. Working with a social worker, the family creates a pathway out of poverty that includes every member of the family. Once the plan is in place, we provide resources to make it work and continually check in on the family to ensure they are progressing and to help them through any family emergency. Typically, within five years, the family "graduates" from our program with savings, owning a small plot of land, can feed their family three meals a day, can afford to send their children to school, enjoy improved health through better nutrition, and have regular income and financial stability!

Meet Yasmin Akter. She and her two children live in Nikli. She shares her story.

"My husband died three years ago. I was so afraid, not knowing what the next day would bring. I worked in other people's homes now and then but it was not enough to provide  food for my children.Then I met a social worker who offered to help. They discovered that I had some sewing skills but no cloth to sew. Next thing I knew, they provided me with the cloth!  What a gift!  Now I sew for others in my village in addition to working in people's homes and can provide for my children.  My social worker is a real blessing and helped to restore hope in the future."   

Why is this important? It is a fundamental human right to experience decency and dignity in one's life. Without your help, the extreme poor in Bangladesh will continue to live without hope.

It only took $22.22 to help Yasmin provide for her daughters. We have identified 400 families in one of the villages we serve who would benefit directly from a gift $22.22!  Our goal is to raise $10,000 during the month of October.  Any size gift will restore the hope of families in Bangladesh that people throughout the world care.  Thank you.

"Find yourself in the service of others."          - Mohandas Gandhi