Who are we?
We are a group of healthcare professionals from varied backgrounds that are dedicated to giving back to others that are less fortunate and desperately need help.

What do we do?
We travel to Honduras every year to provide care to thousands of local citizens that do not have specialty care.  We built a hospital in a remote area that did not have emergency or specialty care.

Why is it sustainable?
We work closely with local staff, providers and students while we are there.  This education and through the use of internet communication we are able to continue to support local providers.

Why we need your help!
We take life-saving equipment and medications that are not available to the patients there.  Medications needed for seizures, asthma, and other medical conditions.  This medication is purchased through international support groups but is still very expensive. Any donation no matter how small can help us help others in need.

Thank you for your support!!