When you donate to feed wolf puppies at The Endangered Wolf Center, you are helping save a species!

Your donation of $50 feeds a critically endangered wolf puppy for two weeks.

The Endangered Wolf Center has worked to save wolves for almost 50 years; in fact, every Mexican Wolf in the wild today can trace its roots back to The EWC!

We're excited to announce the birth of 16 wolf puppies in 2020!

As they enter their teenage phase this summer, they're eating everything in sight to grow up big and strong. We're asking you to join our pack by donating a meal to these critically endangered wolf pups.

The meals you provide will help feed our Mexican wolves and American red wolves - the two most critically endangered wolf species in the world, with fewer than 220 in the wild between the two species.

From ground-breaking research, increasing populations through breeding and cross-fostering wolves into the wild, the EWC works tirelessly to conserve and grow these species.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help - and every meal makes a difference.

Feed a puppy, save a species!

Meet the puppies in the pictures below - how can you resist those faces!