According to the Harvard Univeristy, "Approximately 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes to waste. The mountain of wasted food totals 63 million tons, of which 10.1 million tons never get harvested from farms and 52.4 million tons ends up in landfills uneaten. The U.S. spends $218 billion per year (or 1.3% of GDP) growing, manufacturing, processing, distributing, and then disposing of food that never makes its way onto the table."

Our goal is to reduce the amount of food going directly into landfills and redirect it into the mouths of the hungry and the bowls of the needy.  

We are partnering with local grocery stores to take food that they can no longer sell, but which is still edible; and we are going to turn it into delicious soups, stocks and sauces.

We are also partnering with local food kitchens and similar charities to get the food out the most people who need it. We plan, once we are established and operating, to take the food out and sell it on the streets, via a food truck, to those who can afford to buy and wish to help "pay it forward" by buying bowls for unknown and unseen friends.

This campaign will help us get established, legally and actually, as a brand as well as a physical kitchen. We will use the funds to purchase equipment, establish a space and to help us with our goals.

We plan to partner with nonprofits to teach developmentally disabled people how to cook. We will use our own food waste to create an indoor garden utilizing cutting edge urban gardening techniques.