Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless/abandoned cats and kittens in the St. Louis region. We provide rescue and adoption services in a warm, loving environment. Adoption is our goal for everyone. Since our establishment in 2010, we have created a place where vulnerable cats find shelter, medical, and nutritional support, as well as interaction with people and other cats, enrichment, lots of love, and the opportunity to connect with a loving, life-long family. There is no set time frame imposed on this process- each cat requires its own consideration. Some cats are adopted within two weeks, and some are with us longer.

Animal House rescues, cares for, and responsibly adopts stray/abandoned cats and kittens from the streets of our community into loving, life-long families. Rescued cats are immediately assessed for medical needs, including surgeries and specialized procedures if needed. At the same time, we begin the process of getting to know each other. 

On a daily basis, we provide care for 225-300 rescued cats and kittens who receive safe harbor, individualized socialization with our volunteers, and comforting stability in their lives. Consistent nutrition is a critical part of this process which we provide as well.

We also function as a community resource. Animal House receives hundreds of calls and emails each month from people who have questions/concerns/needs/issues/relating to pets, and we do our best to provide service or connect them with appropriate resource. Whether it’s a question about feral cats, someone looking for a new veterinarian, someone whose cat is lost, cat behavior problems, abuse reports, or if someone just needs a person to listen and dissect their issues, we are there to help however we can. Animal House operates with two full-time staff members, five part-time employees, and legion of dedicated volunteers.

Our community is filled with homeless pets. Our primary aim is to help reduce the number of animals living tough lives in the streets. We strive to improve their lives and prevent them from ever returning to a life fraught with peril.

Adoption counselors guide families through the adoption process, designed to make the best possible match between kitty and adopter. Once the match is made, we assist families as they welcome their new addition. Animal House is in place to support the human/pet bond and to help manage any issues. Lasting adoptions are a critical factor in reducing the number of homeless animals.

With its founding, Animal House created new capacity in St. Louis for rescued cats and kitten to receive the attention they need, and new opportunities for education about the plight of homeless animals, and how to help.

This summer, Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center celebrated its sixth anniversary. During that time, in addition to the tasks involved with starting an organization, we have rescued more than 1500 cats and kittens and have placed almost that many in homes. With help from the community, we will rescue and find life-long homes for many more vulnerable cats.