The Promethean Project was started based on the need for health care services and modalities to be more collaborative and supportive. Our Founders saw that people were following through the cracks of the current healthcare systems- providers were not collaborating on treatment goals and needs; people were not utilizing services due to the cost and the stigma associated with them. More and more people are choosing to find their own way, and are struggling on goals due to the confusion that exists within the healthcare sector.  

Our non-profit organization was created to bridge the gaps that people are falling through, by providing a more welcoming center for people to come to, with streamlined treatment plans, case management, and community based support systems. Our goal is to create a one stop shop for physical, mental and holistic health and wellness. We aim to give back to the community by enriching it with a presence focused on collaborative wellness.

We offer mental health counseling, nutritional counseling, life coaching, personal training, group fitness classes, martial arts, case management programing, strengthening family programs, youth leadership programs, a community of recovery, mentorships, and much much more!