Theresa Cassese Aubel ( and The Theatre Street School) has helped lower-income children from New York City to become very well Educated and to train in Ballet and the Performing Arts. It has always been Theresa's goal to offer the opportunities available to mainly the wealthy to everyone instead. Mrs. Aubel has worked her whole life to build her reputation and skill within the education and ballet industries. Now, Aubel uses her talent and influence to benefit her students and offer them the best opportunities possible. She has been constant a fighting force for the benefit of her students for over 40 years.

The Theatre Street School (and its performance arts counterpart Once Upon A Time, Inc.) strives to offer a glimmer of hope to students at a young age in Richmond Hill and all of New York City. She helps her students believe in themselves and their abilities. She gives them confidence and determination to work hard and achieve great things. She has sent many children to top-notched high schools and prestigious programs around the world through her teachings, her influence, and her direct recommendations.

Donating today give The Theatre Street School the ability to continue its great work for the multitude of children who still need a chance!