DID YOU KNOW? Girls in developing countries miss up to 4 days of school each month - just because of menstruation!

Recognizing that this issue was an impediment to girls' success, NBA star Dwight Howard joined with the leadership of Her Best Foot Forward (a US501c3) to launch the social venture, UhuruPads, in Tanzania. UhuruPads are Tanzania's only 100% biodegradable sanitary pad! Made in a small workshop by local women (resulting not in not just a product but critically needed jobs: watch the video here), the pads are provided at no cost to girls who want to stay in school!

MORE THAN PADS: Uhuru Means "Freedom" in So Many Ways!

No, really - the word "Uhuru" means "Freedom" in Swahili. As the saying goes, however, "talk is cheap." So, along with 100% biodegradable pads and new undergarments, the girls who receive our pads are also provided with health and hygiene education now absent from their lives. Our educational platform is conveyed with love, patience and dignity - often with Tanzanian and American women presenting a message in tandem. 


A select team of young women from the U.S. will be joining 1000+ girls in Tanzania as they start back to school in July 2018. Visiting middle and high schools throughout the Arusha region, our Back-To-School Champions have accepted the responsibility of raising the funds necessary to provide health and hygiene education - and enough pads to help ensure these Tanzanian girls don't miss:

1. a single day of school!

2. out on learning that menstruation is healthy and normal

3. any opportunity to learn, lead, and succeed!

Watch for our Team Member profiles here. You can support their efforts as a group - or an individual Ambassador - with your tax-deductible, secure gift. Thanks - in advance! - for helping our team provide 1000+ girls with access to health and hygiene education, menstrual hygiene supplies, and dignity!