Today I received a powerful reminder from one of our partner pediatricians: “20 years ago, so many children around the world were suffering and dying. Now for many there’s hope thanks to World Pediatric Project.”

The world is changing, and global health is more important than ever. As we navigate this new and ever-changing world, we know one thing for certain - the children WPP serves need your help now more than ever. 

For every $1 donated, World Pediatric Project generates an additional $5 through the power of in-kind donations from doctors, nurses, hospitals and suppliers.

Your gift will have an immediate impact in the months to come in so many ways:

    - 19 children are awaiting travel to the United States for urgent and life-saving         care this year.

    - Up to 10 teams will hold virtual diagnostic clinics in the coming months to           allow our doctors to reach children close to their own home, and we’re       scheduling additional teams to travel this fall as conditions allow so we can       continue to reach as many children as possible.

    - 8 children who are still receiving treatment right here in St. Louis need weekly        groceries, medications, lodging, and treatment through our partner hospitals.

We need your help to reassure our partners here at home and in the twelve countries we reach that we are still here to help children who desperately await our care. For these children, WPP is their lifeline - and your support is key to reaching them.

On behalf of the entire WPP family which includes our dedicated staff, compassionate medical volunteers, and the children who faithfully await our return, thank you for making a donation today.

We wish your families good health, and thank you for being steadfast champions of our mission. We will adapt. We will be creative. We will heal.

Important Tax Tip: You can claim up to $300 in cash donations to charity thanks to the CARES Act, The incentive applies to donations made in 2020 and can be claimed on tax forms next year!