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Finally, a book that takes the mystery out of crowdfunding. Expect this book to become a mainstay in your fundraising arsenal, as it clearly explains crowdfunding and provides a powerful step-by-step formula for crowdfunding success that has helped nonprofits, large and small, quickly raise money and capture new donors.

Inside your Crowdfunding Playbook you’ll find…

  • A comprehensive definition of crowdfunding
  • Creative ideas to use crowdfunding for your nonprofit
  • How to plan your crowdfunding campaign
  • Strategy for setting your fundraising goals
  • How to tell your story to convert more donors
  • Easy ways to promote your campaign
  • Verified tactics for turning new donors into long-term supporters
Gladitood Crowdfunding Playbook

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Working with Gladitood has been great. They are receptive to ideas and have been excellent with follow up and customer service. Gladitood's site looks great and is easy to navigate from a donor's point of view. We are looking forward to additional collaborations..

Heather Cammarata
Executive Director, MicroFinancing Partners in Africa

Fundraising with Gladitood has been a positive experience. There is complete transparency and cooperation. Raising money thru Gladitood is extremely easy for the fundraiser and the donor. Definitely recommend.

Jack Eisenbeis
International Medical Assistance Foundation

As a platform that’s focused solely on non-profit fundraisers, everything from the building of your campaign to completing donations is simple and extremely easy to use. It’s a platform that I would quickly recommend to non profits looking to expand their fundraising efforts and exceed their goals.

Melanie Korn
CEO at
The Media Slate

Crowdfunding Playbook Contents

What is Crowdfunding?3

Is Crowdfunding Right for My Nonprofit?4

Steps to a Succussful Crowdfunding Campaign5

Planning Your Fundraiser6

Setting Your Fundraising Goal8

How to Tell Your Crowdfunding Story9

Creating Your Campaign's Rewards10

Promoting Your Campaign11

Updating Your Donors13

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