How To Tell Your Crowdfunding Story

As a charitable organization you spend each day making this world a better place. Your story is the translation of that impact into words, photographs and video. It is an opportunity to inspire others to take action and support your nonprofit crowdfunding project. Throughout the process you will be prompted to provide the following details. It is important to fill out each section in its entirety to better inform your audience about your mission and have the best chance of success.

Basics – Make a great first impression!

  • Title – Your title is the first thing people will see. Make it easy for the onlooker to understand exactly what you are doing and whose life you are impacting. Keep it short and highlight the keywords that you feel will best draw attention to your project.
  • Category – Select only the categories that apply to your project. One to three categories are recommended. For example, if you are raising funds to save a habitat for wolves, you could select conservation, environment and wildlife.
  • URL – This is your project’s custom URL to use in your marketing pieces. It leads supporters directly to your project page.
  • Tagline – A one-sentence summary of your project. Gladitood uses this tagline as the description on your project card and for social media shares.
  • Location – Select the geographic location where the project will take place.
  • Duration – There is no limit to the amount of time a charitable organization can raise funds on Gladitood. However, it is preferred that all funding campaigns be around a specific project, so choose a duration deadline based on when donations are needed to complete the project on time.
  • Goal – Your goal is the total amount of funding and volunteers needed to bring your idea to life. One key choice you have to make is between fixed funding, which means you only collect your money if the goal is met, and flexible funding, which means you collect all of the donations as they happen. Learn more about setting donor and volunteer levels here (link to setting your goal here)
Gladitood's Crowdfunding Playbook
Gladitood's Playbook

Media – Use imagery to get noticed!

  • Photo –Try to use a high-resolution photo that visually depicts your project, and crop the photo to draw attention to critical elements such as a child, animal or location. While more photos can be manually added to the long description, this is your main photo and will be used on your project page, project card and social shares.
  • Video – Videos are the most effective tool you can use to connect with a new audience and illustrate the impact you can have on the world. Learn more about the importance of creating a video here (link to videos here)

Story – Convert viewers into backers!

  • Description – Now that you have the attention of a potential backer it is time to introduce your organization as well as dive into the specific details and importance of your project. Demonstrate your charitable organization’s ability by including things such as, hurdles you’ve already overcome, breakdown of the budget, completion timeline, success stories from past work,or the motivation behind the idea. Remember to keep your audience in mind and use an appropriate tone.
  • Risks and Challenges - Build trust with your supporters through transparency. Are there special licenses that you need to get before the project can begin? Is transportation dependent on an uncontrollable factor? Can weather create dangerous conditions? Let your supporters know about things that may alter or delay the outcome!
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Backers commonly want to know what your organization will do with the funding if you surpass your goal or if you don’t meet it. Share the answers to these questions and anything else you think people might want to know.