Four Steps to Triple Your Donor base with Team Crowdfunding

Four Steps to Triple Your Donor Base with Team Crowdfunding

Tripling your donor base in one campaign is a pretty lofty goal, but I'm here to tell you nothing is impossible with the power of the internet. Team crowdfunding allows you to rally your most enthusiastic supporters to raise money for your nonprofit. Each team member gets their own personalized fundraising page centered around your nonprofit’s message, which is linked back to your crowdfunding campaign.

Once you understand the steps to a successfully running a crowdfunding campaign and have the basics in place, you're ready to use Team Crowdfunding to blow your goal out of the water and build your donor base in record time. Just follow these steps.

Recruit an All-Star team.

If you're goal is to triple your donor base with a specific fundraiser, you're going to need a team of top performers who can raise funds on your behalf and bring more donors to the campaign. This role is for the go-getters. An All-Star will be a donor, staff member, volunteer, or board member who is deeply connected to your cause and invested in your success. They've got two jobs - capture donations and recruit more all-stars.

Gladitood's Crowdfunding Playbook
Gladitood's Playbook

Don't forget about Influencers.

Since we're talking about all-stars, it seems appropriate to bring up the influencers. Typically people think of celebrities when they think of influencers, but you don't need to get Taylor Swift to share your campaign on twitter to be successful. If your nonprofit is specific to a certain community, go for local personalities with influence in your community. They're likely to be more receptive and effective.

Share your marketing materials

You've taken all this time to create emails and videos and pictures - share them with your team! Getting a small group of people to share the same video or picture can have a huge impact. If I see five people change their Facebook profile picture to the same picture, suddenly I think "everyone's doing it" and want to find out what this is all about.

Make it a contest

Tap into your team's competitive spirit by creating a contest to motivate them. You can set up prizes for the person who raises the most money, captures the most donors, and gets the largest donation. And prizes don't need to be extravagant, a couple tickets to a local sporting event or a gift card to a nice restaurant is enough to bring out your team's will to win.

There you have it. Four simple steps to make your next team crowdfunding campaign the most successful ever. Why don't you get started creating your campaign today!