What Is Gladitood?
Raise funds and rally volunteers for your nonprofit
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Gladitood is a crowdfunding platform helping nonprofits raise funds and rally volunteers for their projects.

Nonprofits around the world are using Gladitood to get the funding they need to improve the world. Gladitood knows that with the right funding, a group of motivated volunteers, and the support of passionate people, anything is possible for your nonprofit.
New Donors

28% of new donors will become repeat donors

of Charitable Giving

Online fundraising is projected to be 50% of charitable giving by 2020.


have fundraised for a nonprofit.

Key Benefits of Gladitood

brand advocates

Turn Backers into Brand Advocates
Donors and volunteers will spread the word with friends, family, and even the co­workers they don’t like.

fundraise efficiently

Fundraise Efficiently
With more than half of donors on Gladitood covering the service fees for nonprofits, this is one of the most efficient ways to fundraise today.

grow your donor list

Grow Your List
Because Gladitood makes it easy for your current donors to share your project, on average, 62% of backers to your project will be new donors.

project support

Get Project Support
We’ll look at your project and provide feedback so you’re set up for success.

increase visibility

Increase Your Visibility
Share a behind the scenes look into your projects so your backers know exactly how their donation makes an impact.

quantify your impact

Team Crowdfunding
Now you have the ability to recruit a fundraising team, making it even easier to raise money and capture new donors.