What Is Gladitood?
Raise funds and energize new donors for your nonprofit
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Gladitood is a fundraising platform helping nonprofits raise funds and energize new donors for their projects.

Nonprofits around the world are using Gladitood to get the funding they need to improve the world. Gladitood knows that with the right fundraising campaigns targeted to the right donors, we can get you the funds you need to pursue your mission and achieve your dreams.
of donors

prefer to give online

$30 Billion
total donations

raised online in 2018

of Nonprofits

are missing out on online revenue
Make it easy for the digital generation to give!

Key Benefits of Gladitood

brand advocates

Turn Backers into Brand Advocates
Donors will become repeat donors, and repeat donors will spread the word with friends, family, and coworkers.

fundraise efficiently

Target Your Message
Gladitood will make sure you reach the right donors with the right message at the right time.

grow your donor list

Free Up Your Time
Gladitood takes the work of on-line fundraising off your plate so you can focus your development effort on the personal interaction side of things.

project support

Take Advantage of our Scale
We go way beyond what an individual nonprofit can do in terms of our state of the art software, putting the power of scale to work for you.

increase visibility

Stop Leaving Money on the Table
Two-thirds of nonprofits are concerned they’re missing out on online donations. Gladitood can change that!

quantify your impact

Guarantee Your Success
We will raise $10,000 for you in your first year with Gladitood, or we will work for free until we do. Period.